Public Area Furniture

At client’s request in collaboration with our partners we are capable of fabrication of any furniture and components using melamine, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), high-pressure laminate (HPL), plywood, solid wood, powder coated metal, stainless steel, Plexiglass sheet, PVC, corian, stone etc.
We boast a long list of successful multiple hotel and other public space refurbishment projects implemented during many years of our operation on the market. Collaborating with design developers, architects, stylists and interior designers we provide interior space fit out services for new and existing hotels and other public facilities.
To our clients we would normally propose the following range of furniture items and services:

  • cushioned and upholstered leather and fabric top furniture (armchairs, chairs, sofas, studio coaches, ottomans, etc.);
  • cabinet-type veneer-clad and solid wood furniture (cabinets, writing desks, bedside tables, mirrors, luggage shelves, hall stands, bed backboards, etc.);
  • melamine and laminated cabinet-type furniture (cabinets, writing desks, hall stands, shelves, etc.);
  • furniture delivery and assembling on the site.
    We have standard proprietary models that can be adjusted to meet client?s needs. We design and fabricate our cushioned and upholstered and cabinet-type furniture in close collaboration with our customers. We assist our clients to work out and implement various interior high quality design solutions and proposals. Whenever you come to us, you will be offered a high quality product at competitive price, and time savings that you get cooperating with us will be an extra bonus for you.
    FPI company aims to be among those a client comes to in the first place and the company enjoys everlasting success conditioned by quality of our teamwork products that frequently exceeds the most daring expectations of our clients.